Trevithicks Industrial Dartford Celebration


          Dartfords annual steam and classic vehicle fair,

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TID Heritage
TID Trevithick

In commemoration of the life and work of Richard Trevithick, steam pioneer, inventor, engineer and one time resident of Dartford.



Saturday’s Events


On Saturday the main show will take place in Central Park, Dartford and will include  the following attractions:






                                                                   Full size working live steam traction

                                                                   and engines with there attendant

                                                                   Living vans.









Miniature steam traction engines,

built by the talented local amateur

engineering enthusiasts.











                                                                  Steam Waggons and other historic

                                                                  commercial vehicles.











Vintage Buses & Coaches












                                                                 WW2 Military Vehicles











  A fine selection of Vintage &

  Classic motor cars.












                                                                      Vintage and Classic motor cycles















Stationary engines displays










                                                               In addition there is a Farming section

                                                               with tractors, heavy horses and a

                                                               fascinating historic photograph

                                                                display showing past rural life in

                                                               Dartford and the surrounding villages.








Local schools have their own marquee

where pupils display their technological

interests and achievements.



In addition local history groups,

heritage railways and the Dartford

Museum all present displays of their






Traditional children’s round-a-bouts, a fair organ and food stalls all add to the an already beautiful park that has a playground, skateboard area and café.



Sunday’s Events


The following day Sunday, full size engines and any legal road historic vehicles will gather in Overy Street, Dartford, at 12:00 for a road run around the town in memory of Richard Trevithick the great engineer of steam.


















An Information film about Dartford Steam Fair:





























Copies of the above video can be purchased from Rod Green. Technical Consultant, Imagespace Ltd., 01322 222 190

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